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Moving in

Moving into your new student home can be amazingly exciting, but incredibly daunting too! We know that making friends and getting your head around uni life is at the top of your priorities list, but it is imperative that you know how to manage waste effectively so that you fit in with the local community. We've put together all of the information you need to get clued up when you move in.  


How many bins?

Student properties should have one blue recycling bin and one black bin for every 5 occupants. It can be really difficult to manage your waste effectively if you don't have enough bins, so if you find that you've not got enough, ask your landlord to rectify this as soon as possible.

Your landlord can obtain additional blue bins free of charge by calling Hull City Council on, 01482 300300. 

HullSTARS recommend labelling each bin with both the street number AND street name to avoid bins being taken for use by other properties. There is a charge for the replacement of a black bin, however if your landlord is registered with HullSTARS, subject to availability, they may be able to get a replacement bin for free! 


Collection dates

Both blue and black bins are emptied every two weeks. Bins must be out by 7am at the boundary of the property and returned back to the property as soon as possible after it’s been emptied. Bins are collected between 7am and 4.30pm.

If for whatever reason you cannot find the dates for collection, simply search using your postcode on Hull City Council's bin collection day checker.

There are some basic points to remember when presenting your bins for collection:


Caddy bags

You can collect your food recycling caddy bags from outside of the HullSTARS Office, 1st floor of HUU throughout the year. Come and get stocked up, so that as soon as you start cooking, you can also start getting rid of your food waste responsibly. For more information on what to do with your kitchen caddy's, click here.


Recycling Stickers

We've been working with Hull City Council on waste management and have a stock of stickers available to help you understand what can be placed in the recycling bin. To request a sticker, please call the HullSTARS office on 01482 465216.

We've also got some PDF downloads in various languages for ease. To download, just click the links below.