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living in hull

In Hull, we recycle approximately 48% of all household waste.

However the cost of achieving this recycling rate has increased by around £600,000 per year. This is due to an increase in the amount of unwanted items (contamination) placed in the blue bin*.

With many of you being new to the city, it is imperative that we give you the tools you need to be able to recycle efficiently, part of this comes down to education.


What goes in

What goes in a bin can vary considerably depending on where in the country you're from. With the vast majority of the student population coming from outside of Hull, and a fair portion from outside of the country, education of waste management is essential to ensuring sustainable living and a clean and safe environment.

Click in each bin to see what goes in.





Collection dates

Your student home should have had an annual waste pack through the door in September, but if you're unsure of collection dates, click here for the link to Hull City Council's handy bin collection day checker.

* Correct on the date of publication.



During your time studying at the University of Hull, you become a member of the local community; this means you have the same roles and responsibilities in regards to waste management as any other resident.

This also means, you can be subjected to enforcement from Hull City Council if you fail to meet their standards of waste/bin management.

If you don’t get your bins emptied frequently, or you have lots of rubbish around the outside of the house which could cause annoyance to your neighbours, the Council have the power to act in the following manners:

As students, you don’t have surplus amounts of money to spend on fines, so make sure you are responsible with your waste. Not only that, as the offences would be classed as summary offences, you can still be held you accountable, even if you no longer live at the property, and you don't even have to be present to be prosecuted. 



Bring Out Your Rubbish Days (BOYRD)


Can't get to your local tip? Keep an eye out for BOYRD's!

Where possible, Hull City Council put on BOYRD across Hull, a service to remove rubbish and larger items for free. We've worked with Hull City Council this year in an effort to bring some of the BOYRD's in line with the end of student tenancy agreements, and we'll be sharing these dates as and when they have been confirmed.

BOYRD's will enable you to get rid of most of your waste, with the exception of builders rubble/D.I.Y and garden waste material. Further exemptions may apply, so please check with your local Neighbourhood Housing Team if you are unsure.

Throughout the mornings, the teams will drive up and down the roads to collect items left on the street outside people's homes. Residents are asked to have the items for disposal ready by 7am and not to block the footpaths and inconvenience pedestrians.  

Remember, failing to clean up your waste when you move out your student home, could result in you losing your deposit or a council issued fine.


Here's some examples of what can be collected.


Bed frames Mattresses Free standing wardrobes
Chest of drawers Bedside cabinets Tables
Chairs Sofas Televisions
Bikes Washing machines Dishwashers
Tumble dryers Fridges Freezers
American style fridge freezers** Ovens Cookers
Headboards Bookcases Cabinets
Carpets/Lino Underlay Microwaves
Vacuum cleaners Sound systems Lawn mowers
Computers Video and DVD players Barbecues
Toys Animal hutches  


* Please ensure the item has the doors removed and is easily accessible.