Everyone wants to feel safe at in their home, and why shouldn't you? You're paying on average £4,500 per year! 

Our criteria includes a security section, so you can be assured that a property's HullSTARS rating takes into consideration your safety and security within your student property.


We're working with Humberside Police to encourage Hull landlords to make student properties even safer this year. We're looking to become more involved in getting landlords to improve their home security features, as well as giving you vital home security information when you move into your new house.


Humberside Police have a great Student Survival Guide to give you all the hints and tips you need to make sure your house is as safe and secure as it can be, helping to prevent you from becoming a victim of crime. Click on the image below for the full guide.

Student Survival Guide

When choosing your next student home, of course you'll check to see if the house is HullSTARS rated first and foremost, and probably check out what star rating it achieved and what former tenants said about living there, but what about what crimes have been committed in that area? is a brilliant website that lets you find out what has been going on in your area by doing a quick postcode search.

To see what crime's have been committed in your postcode area, visit or click on the map to explore your local crime map further!




If you are unfortunate enough to become a victim of crime, of course you'll want to get your belongings back, that's where comes in. You can register your details with their serial numbers so that if you are one of the unlucky ones, the Police have a better chance of re-uniting you with your beloved laptop or mobile phone.

The process is quick and easy, simply visit and start by registering a single item.


Fire Safety

Living in shared accommodation is something of a rite of passage, and for many students it can be the first taste of living independently. There’s a huge responsibility to keep yourself and your housemates safe and with things like cooking independently for the first time carrying fire hazards, it’s even more important to take fire safety precautions in shared accommodation.

Did you know?:

Statistics also show that you are more than twice as likely to die in a fire if you don’t have a working smoke alarm. Does your alarm get checked regularly? It’s as simple as pushing a button, but could save you and your housemates’ lives! Humberside Fire and Rescue recommend that you test your smoke alarms once a week #TestitTuesday. For more information and useful tips on how to stay safe in your student home click here 

Remember, in the event of a fire, use your escape plan – Get out, stay out and call 999.