Reckitt Hall, The Lawns, Harland Way, Cottingham, HU16 5SL

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The lawns is a very social accommodation and the perfect place to make friends who are not on your course. However, the response time to reports from disturbances to repair work can be very lengthy. The staff are lovely and approachable with any problem you have. In the block I stayed in there were big maintenance problems that took weeks to be sorted and following problems with individuals that still continue today. The lawns is a great site for student accommodation as they only neighbours are other students and there are no houses directly nearby. The free bus pass provided extremely useful but as the lawns is so far away from the university itself as well as the city centre you'd be pretty lost without it. Another feature of the lawns is the semi0catered package which is very useful for when you can't be bothered to cook, or even aren't very good at cooking, however it can become very repetitive on meal choice.

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