Brandesburton House, Taylor Court, Salmon Grove, HU6 7SW

Walking Distance: Calculating...

Positives: good for value
Negatives: everything else
Good for internationals who don't feel secure enough in the city but for everyone else, a massive waste of time. Advertised as if it's a lovely little community whereas you're lucky if you speak to your neighbour. Incredibly loud nights, early rises with numerous vans, trucks and cars coming into the rear car parks. Uni has put up a fence which only court residents are able to use by swiping their card, however the side entrance of the bin area is never locked, so other students use that instead on their way to and from asylum. Not good at the best of times, let alone exam seasons. Don't waste your time with this place - plenty of accommodation around the university of a very similar (if not lower) price - and without the hassle, too. Oh, also there's constant problems with the structure or neighbours or amenities, which they say they'll fix or sort (with millions of reminders to do so, of course). Good price with bills thrown in, but not worth it in the end.

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