55 Cranbrook Avenue, HU6 7SR

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I have lived in 3 of these landlords houses and all 3 have been brilliant. The heating in them is impecible, the finish to the houses is to the highest quality, and the space to tenant ratio is brilliant. I have always had a spacious bedroom in all of their houses.
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September 19, 2018 19:18

Hey thanks for writing such a lovely review. We believe in supporting our tenants where necessary by providing a positive experience with good housing. We take great pains to help any tenant who asks for support and willingly turn out 24/7 for emergencies. Its reassuring to learn that our approach is appreciated both by tenants and their parents. We are pleased that you have enjoyed living in three very different of our houses but have found them all to the same high standard. All the best for the future. Hullidayvillas