5 Reynoldson Street, HU5 3BH

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The house itself is in amazing condition, during the stay here there has been very few problems, however the landlord resolved them extremely quickly. The property is located close to the university, local shops, and bars, this can mean some noise on weekends however doesn’t usually persist.

The rooms of the house are of nice size, each with their own lock, and well decorated, containing more than the needed furniture - including sufficient storage space for clothes as well as bed, book shelf and desk, due to this there was no problem fitting all my belongings.

Utilities provided within the house are well maintained and offer everything that is needed, this includes both washer, dryer, and other typical household appliances, as well as less needed utilities such as a dishwasher. The house also had 2 bathrooms which was a very nice asset. The main bathroom contained both a bath and a shower which was a nice change from previous properties.

The kitchen was quite narrow however could easily have 2 people cooking due to the large amount of surface space, and there is more than enough storage space for dried goods, and the refrigerator and freezer space was sufficient and like what I found in other properties.

Overall, the house has a rather large, slabbed back garden. I did not spend much time personally there however could easily be used for events during summer, and due to the slabs requires very little to no maintenance. I also found this property to be one of the best during my time at the university, and have never had such a responsive landlord, the rent for the property was more than reasonable considering everything that the property offers.

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