48 Westbourne Avenue, HU5 3HR

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My housemates and I were stunned to find this magnificent property residing in Hull, so close to both the city centre and the university. The area that encloses it is beautiful, with sweeping grass verges on either side of the street, fountains and plenty of parking space. The house itself is stunning - the character is evident as soon as you walk into the downstairs corridor. There are lots of rooms that are well spaced, so you don't feel cramped and on top of one another. There are also plenty of bathrooms, which are also handy and work well, although water pressure drops a bit as you go upstairs. There's a utilities room that contains a washer and a dryer, as well as a large freezer big enough for all housemates to use. The living room in nicely sized and can fit all tenants at a squeeze, with a large TV that although we never managed to figure out how to work, would have been fixed by the landlord had we asked. The kitchen is also a good size, has two ovens, a microwave, a toaster, and contained a lot of leftover cutlery and crockery left by previous tenants. The garden is beautiful, and although we didn't use it much ourselves, would have been nice for sitting outside and eating. The landlord has been amazing - with quick replies to any comment or complaints we had and swift organisation of a fix. Can't recommend this house enough.

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