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48 Sidmouth Street, HU5 2JX

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I lived in this house for my fourth year at uni - the first year I lived in halls, and the other three years I lived in houses through another agent. Whilst these were pretty good, 48 Sidmouth Street is the only house that I wished I could take out of Hull and live in forever.

Leaving it in Hull though, the location isn’t too shabby at all. In fact, it’s pretty perfect. It’s an 8 minute walk to uni, a 2 minute walk to Tesco and a 10 second walk to the nearest bus stop. It’s at the top of Newland, right next to Roots, El Chupitos and The Boathouse, so it’s at the heart of everything, but it’s down a side-street, so noise is pretty low. It is right next to a school though, which can get pretty loud in the front bedrooms during the day.

The interior is flawless, and as far away from the Magnolia and blue carpets that have given the previous agent their signature style. There’s a garden out the back that gets sun for most of the day, whilst inside it’s modern, fresh and airy with wooden floors throughout, and a brand new kitchen and bathroom. Also, the shower is the best shower I’ve had at uni, and there’s underfloor heating in the bathroom. Need you read more?

The landlords have been absolutely perfect this year. From fixing the boiler in 3 hours, to replacing the TV in a day, to upgrading our internet to KC Lightstream when we complained that the download speeds were too low, they have really gone all out to make sure we’re having the best time. There has been a bit of mould in two of the bedrooms, but it wasn’t really anything to worry about.

The house is easily one of the best looking student houses in Hull, and it’s genuinely a house that is up to actual standards, not just ‘it’s for students, so anything will do’ standards. The landlords are really friendly and have sorted everything out at the drop of a hat, and I honestly couldn’t have wished for a better house whilst at uni.

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