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350 Beverely Road, HU5 1LH

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This property is an 8 bedroom.
Landlord makes countless promises during the summer of how he's going to do up the house which needs doing up badly. Minimal have been fulfilled, and he tries to hide problems rather than fixing them eg. our kitchen ceiling fell through due to the poor ventilation of the bathroom above, it took him 2 weeks to drill an MDF board to cover the hole, even though a plumber is needed.
The doors to each of the 8 bedrooms are not fire regulation standard and do not close properly, there are rat holes throughout the property.The utilities bill system is on a meter and has to be regularly topped up, we had to top this up ourselves and the landlord would take up to a month in some cases to reimburse us. Before tenancy the property had looked like it had never been cleaned, and is in a general state of disrepair. Appliances are badly maintained.

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