35 Hardy Street, Hull, HU5 2PL

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Slow to fix door thief tried to break in Great location ... Leaks every where and mice

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Value for money good landlords but needs pushing and is slow area close to uni but absolute dump .,..

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Fell in love with 35 hardy street as soon as a we saw it as it felt more a home then a student house.

We signed in March 2014 and had no real problems the first year. Two of us then signed for this year with one of our other friends moving in to take the other room.

We again had no problems un...

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March 08, 2016 18:29

We are sorry that the author of this review feels as she does. We pride ourselves on being fair and caring landlords, that is why the house is as good as mentioned. Being 'a pushy landlord' is normally a phrase used to describe a someone who pressurises tenants to sign an agreement before they are ready. That is absolutely NOT the case here. We work closely with HullStars and Hull Student Union, who set the date of the start of the letting period for student accommodation by holding an accommodation fair at the beginning of December. We participated in the fair and offered this house along with others BUT only after discussing it with the current tenants and asking them if they wanted to make a commitment for another year. After their deliberation we received the following written message: "We have spoken as a household, and have decided we will look at other landlords and our housing options in February when we know as a collective who is staying, as we can't realistically sign for the house as is..." In common with the vast majority of student lets the tenancy agreement is for a fixed period and that is what the reviewer and the other two tenants jointly agreed to. We asked at least 3 times, over several months, if they wished to commit to a further year and always received a non-committal answer, partly because the group was likely to split as some finished their courses and therefore would probably move on. The tenants were all informed in advance of each viewing and in all cases some or all of them were present. Each time we enquired about their own plans and who may form a new group for next year, we received a different and non-definitive answer. We would have been pleased to offer the house to them for a further year if they were in a position to decide, sadly they were not. This house has been well maintained during the 2 years that the group have been living there, with prompt attention to maintenance issues as they have arisen and we believe that the service delivered by our family run business is beyond that offered by many of our competitors. It currently has a 5 Star grading following inspection by HullStars.


I've loved living here so much I'm staying for a second year. It's a really lovely house, with a huge kitchen and bathroom and although we have had problems with several things needing fixing, the landlord has been really helpful and usually gets things done pretty quickly which is a lov...

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