340 Beverley Road, HU5 1LH

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Issues since last review have been addressed. Quality of fix times is mediocre to good. House looks like it may have subsided though. Privacy is not always respectful when doing viewings. Notice for entering rooms is not given on a reasonable timescale.

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July 17, 2015 15:06

I am very sorry to read this and don't understand some of the comments as we do always try our best to deal with ALL issues asap, though non urgent repairs reported on a Friday evening may not be dealt with until Monday or Tuesday! There is no subsidence, though this is a Victorian House, so of course there has been some minor movement. I suspect the University inspectors may have noticed if there was. We ALWAYS give notice before entering rooms. We usually give a minimum of 24 hrs, but even in an emergency, phone for permission to enter rooms. We always do viewings after noon but there have been a few occasions where people have stayed in bed despite having had 24 hrs notice.