3 Fitzroy Street, Hull, HU5 1LL

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Good house, landlord is helpful and quick to help when things need fixing. Location is a bit far from uni but good for town centre access.

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April 27, 2016 15:34

Thank you for your positive review. Commenting on the location issue first, its unfortunate that the housing stock in Hull does not have many larger houses, like this, nearer the Uni. Its just the way they were built 100 years ago. However it is in reasonable walking distance and the bus stop is very close for when it rains (which it never does imao ;-) ). As mentioned its well located for the City, for when you need to go there. Actually its nearer Uni than the city centre but a good compromise for both. As a family run business we do care about the tenants and try to build a good relationship. That helps all of us when anything needs attending to and your feedback is much appreciated and a testament to that. Thank you.