13 Brooklyn Street, Beverley Road, HU5 1NB

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The house itself is in a good location with decent size rooms including a huge upstairs front room, large communal rooms and two bathrooms. However the issues mentioned in reviews from the past two years still haven't been fixed, and when we report them to the landlord it takes ages for them to...

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June 19, 2018 19:51

Edit: by the end of the year, most of the problems listed have been fixed: we have a new dryer, kitchen tap, boiler, lights and shower. However the time it took for them to actually get round to doing the repairs was appalling. At least the next group of tenants will have a reasonably functioning house (we have also tried to rid the house of mould as much as we can, because we don’t expect the agent will bother trying). Future tenants: if you have any issues I would recommend going into the office in person when you’re on your way to/from uni, because they’re awful at responding to emails.


Had so many issues. Wifi broke x4, new washing machine, mould, dryer broke, 2 x leaks - told them it was the rain - they fixed the shower and it's still leaking.

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The house overall is very nice but there are a few small problems such as wifi and damp in some of the bedrooms. Agent is good at sorting out though.

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