1 The Newlands, Cottingham Road, HU5 2DQ

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1 The Newlands, is a gorgeous property in a prime location. Just over a 5 minute walk from the University campus and with easy access to all the shops and bars on Newland Avenue.

The property is nestled into a private, well kept drive so keeps itself hidden from hustle and bustle of Cottingham road traffic and noise. Yet if you choose to venture further you don't have far to walk and has an excellent bus network to the city centre and neighbouring towns.

The house itself offers a large open living area that is often missing from other students houses in which the landlord tries to cram as many bedrooms into the property, at the detriment of communal living space. There is also a large 42inch LED Smart Television and a high speed 100 mb/s WI-FI.

There is a new, modern and clean bathroom that has been installed with excellent water pressure and a large shower head.

The bedrooms are all well decorated and well furnished and with fitted TV aerials in all.

There is also a good sized well kept garden comprising of half grass and half wooden decking.

The landlord himself is always pleasant, offers timely and non obtrusive reminders on rent and is flexible on payment. He always keeps us in the loop and continues to upgrade the house. If there is any problem with the house they have been dealt with, within 24 hours.

He always gives us the right to quiet enjoyment of the property and gives a 24 hour notice if he is coming round (which gives up plenty of time to tidy it up!).

He's continuously offered us priority to stay at the property for next year.

A pleasurable landlord / tenant experience and home for my university education up until this point.

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