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It is imperative that properties are provided with adequate facilities to enable tenants to manage their waste efficiently. We've put together some handy information to get you ready for the start of a new tenancy. 


How many bins?

Student properties should have one blue recycling bin and one black bin for every 5 occupants. Additional blue recycling bins can be obtained free of charge by calling 01482 300300.

HullSTARS recommend labelling each bin with both the street number AND street name to avoid bins being taken for use by other properties. Replacement bins are currently charged at £32*, but where possible, replacement black bins can be obtained free of charge for properties registered to HullSTARS. Not having your bins correctly labelled cannot only be costly, but can also affect your HullSTARS audit scoring.


Collection dates

Hull City Council provide annual packs containing details of waste collection dates for each property, these are usually posted through the door some time in September. 

Both blue and black bins are emptied fortnightly. Bins must be out before 7am at the boundary of the property and returned it as soon as possible after they have been emptied. Bins are collected between 7am and 4.30pm.

If for whatever reason you cannot find the dates for collection, simply search using your postcode on Hull City Council's bin collection day checker.


Caddy bags

You can now collect your food recycling caddy bags from outside of the HullSTARS Office, 1st floor of HUU. Why not drop by in the summer to collect some ready for your new tenants moving in? Students can collect caddy bags throughout the year from outside the office.


Recycling Stickers

We've been working with Hull City Council on waste management and have a stock of stickers available for landlords to put on their recycling bins outlining which items can go in. We'll be distributing stickers throughout the summer months to HullSTARS landlords, please ensure that these are stuck to all blue bins to help assist your tenants manage their waste. To request a sticker, please call the HullSTARS office on 01482 465216.

We've also got some PDF downloads which can be sent to tenants at the start of their tenancy, these include various languages for ease. To download, just click the links below or forward the links.

English            Arabic Kinyarwanda
Kurdish Latvian Lithuanian
Mandarin Polish Russian
Spanish Swahili Turkish

* Correct at time of publication.