finding housemates

Living in student accommodation can be the BEST time of your life! Whether it's pre-drinks, BBQ's in the summer or marathon Netflix sessions, your housemates can make your time at Uni... but living with the wrong people could also break it.


After repairs, problems with housemates are the the most common issue students at Hull have their accommodation. In 2017/18, 57% of students had a problem with the people they were living with, so we've put together some points to remember when choosing who to live with for next year!


How many housemates is too many?

Living with 7 others might seem like a right laugh at first, but when they're all stressed about exams at the same time, or all out partying until the early hours at Tower, it could be a recipe for disaster. If you're looking for a smaller group, only having one other person to talk to and bounce ideas off at home might be just as bad. Consider how many people you could cope sharing a bathroom with or just how lively you'd like the house to be when deadlines are getting close.


How compatible are you? Sometimes a difference in personality is good, but if you're too different will you clash? Consider what time you wake up, what time you go to bed. Do you mind living with a smoker? Would it bother you if someone comes home drunk and making a noise 3 nights a week during exams? How much do you care about a clean house? Could you cope with messy housemates who never clean up after themselves and forget to put the bins out each week? What about living with a music student who loves their drums more than sleep?



Do you really want to live with a partner already? Getting out of a contract is no mean feat. Once you're in, you're in! Unfortunately not all relationships last forever, so could you cope with living with your ex if things don't work out? Also consider whether you want to live with a couple, are you happy being the third wheel? What if you've got one housemate whose always bringing their bae over and they're using all your hot water and eating your food out of the fridge?



Can everyone you want to live with afford the places you're interested in? Don't let your friends resent you for signing up for a house that leaves them eating bread and water for the rest of the year. Make sure you're all in agreement of what you can afford to spend, be conservative about how much bills will cost, and consider having a shared pot of money to spend on cleaning products and loo roll!



Finding housemates

Living with friends can be great, but living with strangers can also help to broaden your horizons and build your friendship group with others outside of your course. Volunteering, or joining a sports team or society can be a great way to meet new people to live with, but if thats not your thing, consider looking online. StuRents offer a Find Housemates Forum where students can meet each other online and discuss their likes and dislikes, as well as viewing potential properties you might be interested in. Visit for more information.

That's it! You're set! Check out our 'Find A Property' page for details on how to find the perfect student house for you and your new housemates to live in next year!