Find a property

 Finding a student property can be a minefield! With on hugely oversaturated market, and varying quality and pricing, working out where to start can be a nightmare.


Fear not! We've put together some handy tips to make house hunting a doddle.


Before you start

Signing up for a house is a big deal. Contracts are legal and binding, meaning you can't just change your mind. Take your time to plan out what you actually want before you start looking.



 This is the easy bit! There are far more student bed spaces than there are students to fill them, so the ball is really in your court. There are tonnes of places to find accommodation, we've put together a list and some key tips to remember.

  1. HullSTARS Housing Information Fair - the event is free to enter, ran by HUU so you know we've got your best interests at heart, and theres no pressure to sign! Come along on 23rd October 2018 to find out information about what's on offer in Hull. We'll have only landlords who are pro-active enough to have their houses inspected attending, and the winners of our HullSTARS Awards 2018 will be on display!
  2. - HUU works in partnership with who advertise all student accommodation in Hull in one place. You can even see which properties are HullSTARS registered by clicking the HullSTARS only tab!
  3. Landlord offices - there are plenty on Cottingham Road and Newland Avenue. Look out for those who have won HullSTARS awards first! If you've heard great things about a particular landlord, this is a great way to find out what they've got left. Just remember, not all great landlords have offices though, so don't rule out other means too.
  4. Social media - easily accessible and super handy, but make sure to do you research about a landlord or company advertising on Facebook before attending a viewing. Are they HullSTARS registered? Do they have an office? Is their property listed on StuRents?
  5. Students on campus - landlords are not allowed on campus. If landlords are paying students to give lecture shout outs or collect your details, they must be pretty desperate... think about that for a minute before handing over your details.

Once you've found somewhere you really like, DON'T just sign up there and then! Sure, the landlord will tell you that they've got 163 other viewings that day, but make sure you've thought about it properly.

Key things to remember: