There are far more student houses than there are students in Hull, so the ball is firmly in your court! Some landlords have better houses than others, and that’s where we come in.



Your voice is just as important as ours! You know what it’s like to live in your student house and other students value your opinion when looking for their next house. You can leave a review on our website to spread the love or dish the dirt on your student house, which will help your fellow student see the bigger picture.


Fire Safety

The law offers much more protection and regulation for larger properties, meaning thousands of smaller houses are left at risk. Legally, if the property has less than five bedroomsthere is no requirement to check that a smoke detector detects fire, only that the electrics are working. Some landlords refuse to make sure their detectors work and that’s why we mark down ALL properties without fully working fire doors and annually tested smoke detectors.